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Strengthening Sustainable Agriculture: FASTER Monitoring Visit

The joint monitoring visit was conducted on the 21st and 22nd of February 2023 aimed to assess the progress and impact of the “Fostering Sustainable Agriculture Through Environmental Resilience” (FASTER) program. The visit involved members from FOAG (Farmers Overseas Action group) and EADEN (Eastern Archdiocesan Development Network).

The team visited BUFAMACOS, where they observed bulking in the store and engaged with the farmers regarding the performance of the “waste less” funds. BUFAMACOS expressed gratitude for FOAG’s support and requested additional assistance to expand their initiatives. The FOAG team promised increased funding based on continued positive results. Additionally, they sought direct communication with BUFAMACOS’s manager for quick updates on waste less performance. Later in the day, the team visited the EGA (Ever Green Agriculture) demo garden of Mugenyi Stephen, where they noted challenges posed by the dry season but were impressed by the integration of leguminous shrubs and livestock.

The team continued their visit by heading to Nawaningi cooperative and three demo gardens in Buluguyi hosted by Babra, Kazimoto, and Muguna. Despite facing drought conditions, the leguminous shrubs in these gardens showed resilience. Farmers appreciated FOAG’s support and identified water scarcity as a major challenge, requesting assistance with irrigation equipment.

A meeting was convened at the secretariat on the third day, where FOAG and EADEN representatives discussed waste less performance and the progress of the EGA program. Progress reports on waste less and EGA were presented to the visitors. Although they acknowledged that EADEN was on the right track, it was recognized that significant changes in demo garden performance might take more time. Mr. Nabil, the Chairperson of FAOG, emphasized Michael’s commitment to EGA .


The joint monitoring visit provided valuable insights into the FASTER program’s impact and challenges. It highlighted the dedication of farmer cooperatives to sustainable agriculture and the need for continued support, particularly in addressing issues related to climate change, and bulking . FOAG and EADEN are committed to furthering the objectives of the Waste less and FASTER programs, ensuring environmental resilience and sustainable agricultural practices in the region.

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