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Eastern Archdiocesan Development Network (EADEN) is a network of the Caritas organizations of the Catholic Church in the Ecclesiastical Province of Tororo formed in 2009.

EADEN’s members include: Caritas Tororo, Soroti Catholic Diocese Integrated Development Organisation (SOCADIDO), Caritas Kotido, Caritas Moroto and Caritas Jinja. Caritas Tororo Archdiocese covers the entire Bukedi, Bugisu and Sebei sub regions with 15 districts and two cities; Caritas Soroti covers the entire Teso sub region with nine districts and one city; Caritas Moroto and Caritas Kotido cover Karamoja sub region with 10 districts; and Caritas Jinja covers the entire Busoga sub region with 12 districts and one city. In total, EADEN reaches to 46 districts and three cities in Eastern Uganda through the Caritas Network.

EADEN was founded to coordinate the development interventions and programs of the Caritas organizations of the Catholic Church in Eastern Uganda in addressing social injustices and poverty in the communities. Together, we envision a peaceful and a prosperous community and our resources are committed to ensure there is socio-economic development and prosperity amongst communities of Eastern Uganda.

The organization is under the leadership of the Council of Bishops (of the 5 mentioned dioceses) whose head is the Arch Bishop of Tororo Archdiocese.

OUR Statistics

Our Target Beneficiaries



Resource Persons trained (CBTs, PSPs)



% of smallholder farmers are youths



% of smallholder farmers are women



% of smallholder farmers are Persons with Disability

What Drives Us

Core values

  • Transparency
  • Accountability
  • Professionalism
  • Equity
  • Stewardship



A peaceful and Prosperous Community of Eastern Uganda.


To enhance the effectiveness of Caritas Organizations in Eastern Uganda in promoting social and economic development amongst communities through coordination, capacity building, climate action, research and advocacy

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