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EADEN promotes growth that is based on sustainable ecological agriculture, growth that is all inclusive i.e. benefitting the rural small holder farmers, the women and the youth and growth that is steered by Farmer Institutions (Cooperative Societies). It has been proven by our interventions that; The Farmer Cooperative Society Model of service delivery to rural small holder farmers have quicker and enduring multiplier effects resulting into resilient family livelihoods, increased incomes, food & nutrition security and empowered farmers able to participate in public decision making processes and advocate for their basic rights.

EADEN also believes; If the Caritas Commissions in Tororo Archdiocese  have the institutional capacity to design, manage and implement poverty reduction programs effectively, and if farmers are involved in cooperative societies and ecological & organic agricultural technologies and practices are mainstreamed along the entire commodity value chains and public policies and programs then the 80% Ugandan rural small holder farmers trapped in subsistence farming can attain gainful employment, increased incomes, food & nutrition security and environmentally sustainable agricultural production systems.

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EADEN is committed to a Just Society Free from Poverty. From 2020–2024 we will focus on the most vulnerable and marginalised affected in Eastern Uganda by the following challenges facing society today.

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