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Renewable Energy for Smallholder Farmers’ Agribusiness Development

In a ground-breaking collaboration, EADEN joined forces with GIZ to implement the Sustainable Energy for Smallholder Farmers (SEFFA) Project in Namungalwe Sub-County, Iganga district. This visionary initiative revolutionized agricultural practices by introducing solar irrigation and drying systems, marking a significant stride towards sustainable and resilient farming.

The primary mission of the SEFFA Project was to bridge the knowledge gap among smallholder farmers, empowering them to harness the potential of solar energy for irrigation and drying within selected agricultural value chains. Through workshops, training sessions, and on-field demonstrations, EADEN and GIZ worked hand-in-hand to equip farmers with the skills and understanding needed to make informed investments in solar technology.

The project’s impact reverberated through the community, instigating a paradigm shift in farming practices. With newfound expertise in solar irrigation, smallholder farmers witnessed a remarkable surge in horticulture production. Crops flourished under the efficient, eco-friendly embrace of solar-powered systems, showcasing the transformative potential of sustainable energy in agriculture.

The introduction of solar dryers was a game-changer for post-harvest handling. Smallholder farmers, once at the mercy of unpredictable weather patterns, now had a reliable, solar-powered solution at their disposal. This technological leap not only safeguarded their produce but also elevated the quality of their goods, opening doors to higher-value markets.

Perhaps the most significant triumph of the SEFFA Project lay in its ability to enhance access to markets and business opportunities for smallholder farmers. With a surplus of high-quality produce, farmers could confidently navigate the competitive landscape. The ripple effect of this newfound resilience extended beyond individual farms, contributing to the economic prosperity of the entire community.


Through the SEFFA Project, EADEN and GIZ achieved the following milestones:

  1. Promoting Solar Irrigation Technology: Smallholder farmers embraced solar irrigation, leading to a substantial increase in horticulture production, ensuring food security, and boosting household incomes.
  2. Strengthening Post-Harvest Handling: The introduction of solar dryers empowered farmers to take charge of their produce’s quality, ensuring it met the highest standards. This not only prevented wastage but also elevated the market value of their goods.
  3. Expanding Market Access: With surplus, top-quality produce in hand, smallholder farmers tapped into new markets and business opportunities, fortifying their financial stability and contributing to the economic vitality of the community.



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