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Improved Incomes at famer’s household from enterprise diversification.

Mr. Kabali Edirisa is a resident of Buwumba village, Kiwanyi parish, Nawandala Sub-County in Iganga District. He is a member of Nawandala Integrated Farmers’ Cooperative (NIFACO), one of the cooperatives supported by EADEN. Mr. Kabali for a long time has been involved in production of maize, one of the enterprises which his cooperative NIFCACO bulks and markets. Mr. Kabali’s however faced a problem of limited land. He has only a plot on which he grows maize for bulking. This presented challenges of meeting the food and income needs of his family. This in the end affected his capacity to bulk and market with the cooperative, instead he most of the times sold his maize crop to middle men even before harvest.

However, after receiving several technical trainings on sustainable agriculture practices FROM EADEN, Mr. Kabali in 2019 got encouraged to adopt enterprise diversification by engaging in production of high value crops at the edge of his garden to supplement his maize production. Mr. Kabali selected to engage in cabbage production and received the necessary technical support from EADEN.

By the end of 2019, he had sold 4,500 heads of cabbage earning him Ugx. 4,500,000. With the extra earnings from the cabbage, Mr. Kabali’s household income improved and he did not find it necessary any more to sell his fresh maize to middle men. As a result, he was able to bulk a total of 800kg of his maize produce with his cooperative in the second season of 2019. Mr. Kabali was able to earn more money by selling through the cooperative, than what he previously earned from selling the same amount of maize to middle men.

“This is one of the wonderful seasons I have enjoyed through farming, said Mr. Kabali. My family has never been happier! I did not have any issues of school fees and lack of household necessities, this was not possible before. I really thank EADEN staff who provided me the technical support and encouragement, it is now possible!”

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