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Empowering Women’s Participation in National Women’s Day Celebrations and International Day for Families

In a bid to celebrate and empower women in agriculture, a total of 102 women hailing from three Farmer Cooperatives namely; Bulumwaki Integrated Farmers’ Cooperative Ltd (NABIFACO) in Iganga district, Bukanga Tukolelewalala Farmers’ Cooperative Society Ltd (BUTUFACO) in Luuka district, and Mukujju Multipurpose Farmers Cooperative Society Ltd (MUMUCOs) in Tororo district actively participated in internationally recognized women’s day celebrations at the district levels. These events served as platforms for women to address pressing issues and engage with stakeholders and duty bearers.

During these celebrations, the women eloquently presented a range of pressing concerns, including: Access to Clean Energy, Income Access, Electricity access and Climate Change and Energy financing.

In addition to addressing these concerns, the women proudly showcased their cooperative-level activities, notably: Briquette Making, Fuel Saving Stoves (FSS and encouraged women to actively participate in local government planning processes, ensuring that their issues find representation in local development plans.

Furthermore, on June 29th, 2023, EADEN extended its support to 20 women from MUMUCOS to participate in the International Day for the Family celebration held in Tororo District Local Government. The event’s theme, ‘The Impact of Global Trends on Traditional Families in Uganda,’ allowed participants to engage in discussions surrounding the evolving dynamics of family structures and their implications. This international observance, established by the United Nations in 1993, served as an opportunity to raise awareness about family-related issues and underscored the essential role that families play in the fabric of communities worldwide.

The active participation of women from Farmer Cooperatives in these events not only shed light on critical issues affecting their lives but also exemplified their determination to effect positive change. As these women continue to advocate for their rights and contribute to sustainable development, their voices grow stronger, and their impact on their communities becomes increasingly profound.


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