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Sep 04 2017

Caritas Denmark Monitoring Visit to Uganda

Friday, 1st September 2017-Mbale

We were honored to host Maj Forum during a one day visit to EADEN. This was part of the Caritas Denmark monitoring visit to Uganda that was scheduled from 21st August to 2nd September 2017. The purpose of the visit was to among others monitor UGOPAP activities and to finalize preparation for 2018. Maj was able to interact with the Management team and all staff at our secretariat in Mbale with a focus on brainstorming ideas for 2018 program interventions. The Acting Executive Director, Mr Godfrey Muhwezi  thanked her for the timely technical guidance she has always rendered to EADEN in her role as Program Coordinator. He expressed gratitude to Caritas Denmark for the financial support. After successfully concluding the meetings, Maj proceeded to the field in Manafwa district where she was warmly welcomed by the farmers of Khabutoola Integrated Farmers Association (KIFA).

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It was a very memorable event. Thanks alot


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