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Young Agents For Change Visit at Nawandala Integrated Farmers’ Cooperative

It was an exciting transformative event in Nawandala, Iganga District, as the Young Agents for Change project, funded by the Global Engagement, Education, and Cooperation Fund (GLOBUS) under the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, unfolded its wings. The purpose of GLOBUS, to engage Danes in education on the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

The team visited Nawandala Community, where the UGOPAP-supported Farmer Cooperative, Nawandala Integrated Farmers’ Cooperative Society Ltd (NIFACO), stood as the gracious host. Five households, each of rural life, opened their doors to the Danish visitors. Nyiiro Simon Kateba, Scovia Wambuzi, Robinah Kakaire, Godfrey Kateba, and Wambuzi Matia warmly welcomed the international guests, offering a glimpse into the daily lives and domestic chores of Ugandan rural households.

After the enlightening household visits, the community members and Danish visitors convened at NACE for a communal lunch at 1:00 pm. The atmosphere was vibrant with cultural exchange as stories were shared over traditional Ugandan dishes. The meal served as a symbolic bridge, connecting hearts and minds across areas.

The delegation proceeded to Nawandala Secondary School (Nawandala SS), where the synergy between Danish and Ugandan youth took center stage. The students from Denmark actively engaged with their Ugandan counterparts, sharing experiences and insights on handling climate change issues. The young minds became the architects of change, planning and executing activities such as tree planting on the school grounds.

Seedlings of change planted during the visit sprouted into sustainable initiatives. The trees planted by the students, symbolizing hope and growth, were entrusted to the care of both the Ugandan and Danish youth, with support from the school management. Beyond symbolic gestures, a friendly football game ensued, promoting companionship and sportsmanship.

Community Participation: The success of the event was reflected in the participation of 70 community members which included community members, students, and Danish visitors. The exchange of ideas and experiences created a nexus of understanding, fostering a sense of global citizenship among those present.

The Young Agents For Change visit at Nawandala, Iganga District, was not just an event; it was a catalyst for transformation. The seeds planted during this visit were nurtured by the collaboration between Danish and Ugandan youth, promising a future where sustainable development knows no borders. Nawandala became an inspiration of hope, showcasing the power of community, collaboration, and shared responsibility.


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