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Civil Society in Uganda Support Programme (CUSP II).


We are happy to announce an innovative project aimed at empowering communities in Eastern Uganda to combat climate change and embrace sustainable agricultural practices and renewable energy technologies. This initiative is made possible through funding from the German Agency for International Cooperation (GIZ) and co-funding from the European Union (EU). The project will be implemented in fours districts of Eastern Uganda (Tororo, Manafwa, Mbale and Serere).

Project Overview:

The project, titled “Strengthening Local Governments and Civil Society Organisations Collaboration for the Adoption of Climate-Resilient Agroecological Approaches and Sustainable Energy Technologies in Four Districts of Eastern Uganda,” focuses on promoting collaboration between local governments and civil society organizations (CSOs) to drive positive change in the region.


  • Enhance collaboration between local governments and CSOs for the adoption of climate-resilient agroecological approaches.
  • Increase awareness and knowledge of climate change, green growth, and sustainable energy technologies.
  • Mobilize communities to actively participate in the adoption of sustainable practices.
  • Advocate for increased budget allocation for climate-resilient initiatives.
  • Strengthen the capacity of local governments and CSOs in public finance management, renewable energy, and green growth.

Key Activities:

  • Conducting awareness sessions on climate change, green growth, and relevant policies.
  • Organizing media sessions to create awareness of agroecology, green growth, and climate change financing.
  • Procurement of Information, Education, and Communication (IEC) materials.
  • Capacity building of local governments and CSO platforms through residential training programs.
  • Support for sub-county technical teams to mobilize communities and collect data for planning and budgeting processes.
  • Facilitating engagement meetings between CSO platforms and local governments to advocate for increased financing.
  • Organizing technical and coordination follow-up meetings at the district level.


This project brings together various stakeholders, including government agencies, CSOs, community leaders, and development partners. This highlights the commitment to address climate change and promote sustainable development in Eastern Uganda.


As we embark on this initiative, we invite all stakeholders to join hands in creating a more resilient and sustainable future for Eastern Uganda. Together, we can overcome the challenges posed by climate change and build a thriving community that embraces innovation and sustainability.

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