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Jul 20 2023

GALS Training for Gender Mainstreaming

GALS Training for Gender Mainstreaming” program was designed with the strategic aim of equipping both women and men with the knowledge and skills necessary to effectively utilize Gender Action Learning Systems (GALS) in addressing gender issues within programme implementation. A total of 304 members, comprising 251 women and 53 men, were engaged in this transformative training initiative, hailing from nine diverse Farmer Cooperatives.

The comprehensive training program focused on imparting practical skills in the application of GALS methodology, ensuring that participants were well-versed in utilizing tools such as the Vision Road Journey, Challenge Action Tree, and Gender Balance Tree. Beyond the practical tools, participants also gained a deep understanding of the theoretical foundations of GALS and how it can be effectively applied in cooperative settings.

Through this program, Farmer Cooperative members were provided with a platform to exchange valuable experiences and insights, enabling them to develop effective community-led gender mainstreaming strategies within their respective cooperatives. This holistic approach not only empowered the participants with newfound knowledge and skills but also fostered a sense of collaboration and shared responsibility in championing gender equality within their communities.

The “Empowering Cooperatives” initiative stands as a testament to the potential for positive change that arises when individuals are equipped with the tools and knowledge to address gender disparities within their cooperative settings. By building capacity and fostering a culture of inclusivity, this program paves the way for a more equitable and empowered future for all members of Farmer Cooperatives.


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