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May 21 2023

Capacity Building for Farmer Organizations in Gender Responsive Planning and Budgeting (GRPB)

The activity was funded by the Inheritance Project and took place over a period of ten days, from 10th May 2023 to 20th May 2023.

EADEN focused on building the capacity of nine Farmer Organizations (FOs) located in five different districts: Bugiri, Iganga, Luuka, Tororo, and Manafwa.

The primary objective of the activity was to equip these FOs with knowledge and skills related to Gender Responsive Planning and Budgeting (GRPB).

The training provided insights and education on GRPB, emphasizing the importance of integrating and planning for the different gender needs within the FOs’ operations.

The farmers who attended the training sessions expressed their appreciation for the knowledge and skills acquired during the training. They recognized the significance of integrating gender-responsive approaches in their activities. A total of 315 farmers attended the training sessions. Among them, 189 were females, and 126 were males.

As a result of the training, the FOs developed action plans. These plans were designed to advocate for Gender Responsive Planning and Budgeting (GRPB) at lower levels of local government, particularly during the planning and budgeting processes at the Local Government (LG) levels. This demonstrates a commitment to applying the knowledge gained and advocating for gender-inclusive policies and practices.

In summary, EADEN, with support from the Inheritance Project, conducted a capacity-building activity for nine Farmer Organizations across five districts in Uganda. The training aimed to empower these organizations with the knowledge and skills necessary for Gender Responsive Planning and Budgeting, with a focus on integrating gender considerations into their operations and advocating for these principles at the local government level. The diverse participation of both male and female farmers suggests a holistic approach to promoting gender equality in agriculture and rural development.


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