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Farmer shares his success in piggery enterprise following support by EADEN

Meet Nyiiro Kateeba Simon
Farmer Group aged 49 years of Nawandala Village, Bugongo Parish, Nawandala Sub County Kigulu North, Iganga District shares his success in piggery enterprise following support by EADEN since 2013.

I used to grow crops as an individual and it would only be for home consumption. Starving for food and income was the order of the day due to the fact that I didn’t have knowledge of managing and carrying out farming as a business.
In 2012, when I got to know EADEN and their activities with farmers, I decided to attend one of their training in our community where farmers were mobilized to form farmer groups with the major focus on improving hygiene and sanitation in homes, increasing production and productivity, savings, markets access and market information while advocating for issues that affect farmers in the community
Each farmer group was tasked to select suitable enterprise of their choice and Tulyesima FO which I joined, selected Piggery project and we were trained in piggery production and management as a business by EADEN. As a way of addressing the challenge of startup capital, EADEN donated one piglet (weaner) female and two bags of cement to the groups for pig sty erection at individual household. I took up the initiative personally and managed the animal well with routine support from the extension service provider from EADEN. In 2014, the first farrowing was 5 piglets; I sold off two piglets where I earned Ugx. 100,000/=. I passed out and gave one back to the group so that new members in the group who had not benefited from it could also get it. The remaining two piglets were left for my farm expansion as was always encouraged by EADEN.
Since 2015, I have been able to maintain seven (7) sows and one quality breeding boar at my farm level. Since 2015, seven (7) sows produced each twice a year and I got between 100 to 120 piglets per annum. I always sold each piglet at Ugx. 50,000/= earning between Ugx. 5,000,000/= to 6,000,000/= per annum for the last six years.
From proceeds, I have been able to pay tuition for my children in nursing Institution and those in secondary schools and hence primary. I have of the piggery enterprise. As a trained farmer, I do integrated agriculture to promote zero waste principle at household level. I use piggery waste as organic manure in my coffee garden and banana garden as it helps me in nutrient recycling and hence increased yields for food security for the family.
As a family, we have established assorted back yard gardens for vegetable production within the compound using manure from chicken waste from Kuroiler and piggery which has helped reduce on expenses of vegetable purchase at my household. Because of diversity and integration, I use crop residues from maize, potatoes veins and banana peels and other food remains for feeding pigs while reducing the costs of animal feeds at shops.
“Long live EADEN long live Caritas Denmark”

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