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Waste Management for Safe Environment and Climate Resilient Livelihoods

Although 70% of Uganda’s population is employed in agriculture, low farm productivity makes their collective contribution of only 24.1% to the country’s GDP. The situation is further exacerbated by environmental degradation and climate change. As waste management is a crucial challenge contributing to environmental degradation, this project focuses on the opportunities of turning waste into wealth by increasing smallholder farmers’ access to high quality organic fertiliser from biodegradable waste and regenerative farm production practices.

The project focuses on promoting agroecological practices, organic waste recycling, and sustainable food systems. By providing training and resources for smallholder farmers in agroecology and organic fertilisers, the project supports the shift towards environmentally friendly and climate-smart agricultural practices. Furthermore, the project addresses the challenge of waste management by recycling organic waste fractions through high temperature, EU-verified sanitizing composting process treatment. This approach not only reduces waste pollution, but also minimizes greenhouse gas emissions.

The project will be implemented in three districts and one city of EASTERN Uganda; Tororo, Iganga, Bugiri and Mbale respectively. The project is targeted to reach 12,000 small holder farmers in the four areas above.

Administrative Partner Eastern Archdiocesan Development Network (EADEN)
Key Commercial Partner Biofertilizer Africa Ltd (BFA)
Other Partners: BACESS Danmark

Why it Matters: Our project aligns with global sustainability goals, fostering eco-friendly practices, reducing environmental impact, and empowering local communities.

Get Involved: Follow our journey towards a greener and more resilient Uganda. Join hands with us as we strive to create lasting positive impacts on the environment and livelihoods.

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